LOST HIGHWAY REVIEW "Jason Petty does a remarkably good job of rendering Williams' famous melodies with the silky warble and sob that recreate their touching simplicity. He's also a good actor who can get across the feral intensity of an alcoholic's devotion to the bottle and the impatience of a young genius with the musical shortcomings of others. Moreover, Mr. Petty manages to turn up the charisma factor in his own performance whenever he takes up his guitar and faces an audience from behind a microphone; it's a fine representation of how an artist feeds on his art and on the spotlight. Mr. Petty rises to the occasion time after time."

---Bruce Weber

LOST HIGHWAY:  Williams is performed with an icy cool by the marvelous actor/singer/ musician Jason Petty. At times it seems as if Petty is not just offering an impersonation of Williams, but channeling his ghost."

---Donald Lyons/Dan Aquilante

 LOST HIGHWAY: Jason Petty plays Hank superbly with brashness and soul. One of this year's highlights."

LOST HIGHWAY: "The performances are excellent, particularly Jason Petty's eerie, astonishing incarnation of Williams. Petty galvanizes the show. His voice wails and rails a mixture of country and blues that electrifies the house! Hank Williams is alive and well and singing sensationally in New York."

---Micheal Kuchwara


HANK AND MY HONKY TONK HEROES: " The kid's a hit! If you weren't a Hank Williams fan when you walked in, you were when you walked out. He has Williams' moaning yodel down pat."

---Tom Uhlenbrock

LOST HIGHWAY: "Jason Petty, who plays Williams, doesn't just capture the phrasing and cadences of Williams' singing. He varies his delivery with the command of a performer who is fully inhabiting his character, not merely rendering him. I was genuinely surprised, even stunned, by Petty's forceful, clear-eyed and moving depiction of Williams. He conveys the varied aspects of a complex man with subtlety, intelligence and compassion. The result is the exhilarating feeling of Williams on stage in a particular place on a particular night, a rare achievement in any musical theatre I've ever seen."

---Anthony DeCurtis

LOST HIGHWAY: "Jason Petty is simply terrific in the name role."

---John Derbyshire

LOST HIGHWAY: "Petty does a whiz-bang job as Williams. Petty continually scores!"

LOST HIGHWAY: "Petty is the casts' particular standout.....and quite good at acting and singing Williams. Highly recommended."

---Bruce Weber


LOST HIGHWAY: "Superb actor/musician, Jason Petty, looks and sounds like Williams and manages to humanize the cliche of a driven, self-destructive genius."



HANK AND MY HONKY TONK HEROES: "The word is certainly out on this one! Two memorable hours spent with pure honest classics and a step back in time. ...polished portrayal to perfection. If you came to the show as a curiosity seeker, you leave a true Jason Petty fan."
HANK AND MY HONKY TONK HEROES: "Jason Petty...has flat-out got the music nailed. Two hours of entertainment that will be a drive down memories highway for many and an education about the intertwining roots of country music for everyone. I have never seen an audience leap to its feet so fast and so uniformly as I did last night at the conclusion of 'Hank and My Honky Tonk Heroes!"---Tri review

---Susi Miller

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